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A cute dude knows his supposedly straight friends has a thing for him. Overtime they get together they talk about football and girls but he knows full well that his butch buddy wants his cock. Anyway no big deal; A hole is a hole. He wants his dick, he's gonna give it to him. Hard and deep!


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There's nothing like hardcore no non-sense action! A dominant bearded hunk gets his hands on a muscular passive hottie for some rough play: deep-throat action and serious ass-banging. Check this out!


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Sheltered from the burning sun, Damien Crosse lays back and enjoyshis hookah. He draws smoke into his lungs, exhaling slowly, savoringthe sensation. Bruno Bond joins Damien, sitting at his feet as Damienpasses him the hookah hose. Bruno stares intently into Damien'seyes, as he draws deeply from the pipe. While groping Damien'scock, it becomes obvious he wants more than the hookah to suck on.Bruno proceeds to alternate between Damien's cock and the hookah,blowing smoke from his nostrils, as he inhales Damien's hose. Brunogets Damien's cock all wet, sucking slowly and deeply. He then liftsDamien's legs, and stabs his tongue deep inside the hairy hole,making him moan for more. After Damien has been serviced, hetakes charge by mounting Bruno from behind, and sticking his thickcock, deep inside Bruno's hairy ass. Bruno's face shows a mixture ofpain with immense pleasure, as Damien rides his ass wildly. The twofuck hard and long, building up beads of sweat, soon coating theirbodies. Bruno then lies back onto the Persian carpet and pillows, asDamien fills his hole with his tool. Showing no mercy, he slides histhick member into Bruno's tight pink hole. Bruno can't get enough.Soon, he's riding the thick pony, monitoring Damien's own increasedpleasure as he rides. The pace becomes accelerated, as the rhythmriding the stallion cock makes Bruno erupt, showering Damien withhis cum. Bruno dismounts and laps up his hairy sweaty balls, asDamien jerks his pleasure stick, until he also explodes all over hisbody. They melt together into the heat and air, becoming one.


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Trying to remain cool in the heat of the midday sun, Adam Killianrests under a stone arch, wrapped in a tunic. Dipping the ladle intothe urn, he douses his body and the cloth that covers him. He slowlystrokes his hard cock. Unwrapping the fabric, he reveals his beautifulass, coated with the refreshing liquid. Francesco D'Macho enters, anduses the water to cool himself off, but it provides little relief from theconstant heat of his groin. Francesco can't resist Adam's watercovered ass, so he goes in to suck the water droplets from his hole.Francesco rims Adam with blood-thirsty abandon, as Adam poursmore water on them, keeping both cool in the rising heat. Adam andFrancesco suck each others rigid hot cocks, as liquid continues topour and drip from their bodies. Adam then bends Francesco over alarge clay pot, and shoves his fat cock up Francesco's willing hole.Adam rides Francesco's ass, opening it up for harder slamming; whileFrancesco pushes back with greedy pleasure. Francesco lustful greedincreases, and hoists Adam up on the ledge. Slowly fucking Adamfrom behind, he pounds him good and hard. The lust is infectious, asAdam once again has his shot at Francesco's ass, fucking him on hisback. Fucking Francesco hard and long, Francesco moans in purepleasure, as he strokes his hard fat dick. Adam picks up speed, andpounds him harder, repeating the loud slapping of skin, andincreasing their moans of ecstasy. Francesco jerks his cock wildly, ashe shoots a load of his Arabian seed all over his hairy torso. Adampulls out and adds more to the pool of cum, melting over Francesco.Covered in sweat, water and cum, Adam kisses Francescopassionately, finally able to quench the heat between them.


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A young dude has joined the army and finds himself constantly thinking about cock. No surprise there as he is a true cock-sucker. Today he is alone with a comrade, worshiping his big Arab dick. Attracted by the moaning another soldier arrives to join in. The army slut is now servicing the two, ready to give his ass and looking forward to two full loads on his whore's face!


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Nader shows a very kinky side in this Master/Slave video. Cum in and witness Nader at his best, in this fetish video. Watch the way he uses and abuses Adel, his partner, making sure he licks every part of his body…feet, ass and cock, between spanks and spit in the face. The happy slave ends up with a hard cock in and out of his ass. It’s perverse and you’ll love it!


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Mustafa and Badredine are roommates, they sleep naked most of the time to fight the heat of the nights in Istanbul but when they can't sleep, Badredine gets up to join Mustafa in his bed to suck him off to help him fall asleep... That's what friends are for!


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A superb stallion is having an outdoor shower in an exclusive residence. The male is bulging with muscles and his impressive dick is coming to life under the hot water. Another stunning male, no less impressive, arrives near him. The two amazing males are irresistibly attracted to each other!


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