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Prior to purchase of ”Tickets” or subscription to ”Unlimited Access” the customer is invited to test his computer software, smartphone or tablet by watching our free video trailers. Customers with inadequate software or poor internet connexion will not be entitled to compensation. The minimum requirements to watch our videos are :

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In the case of a complete service interruption we guarantee that the service will resume within 48 hours. During that period customers will not be re-imboursed but will be able to ask for compensation by email to the Technical Support. In a case of longer disruption, compensation will be made prorata temporis.

In the case of disfuction of specific video file or small number of video files, the customer will be re-imboursed for those videos only. Short disruption of service or technical problems with small number of videos files do not qualify for Unlimited Access refund. Tickets used during the interruption period, or used to watch or to download defective video file, will be re-credited to the customer.

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