Ici c'est Marseille

Everywhere he goes he leaves behind a trail of destroyed asses! "Le Marseillais" is in da house, back to assert his authority on all the subs with their holes on fire! After playing with his monster-cock in some basement the bad boy finds his first man-pussy, a horny little hipster. The little cock-sucker wanted to feel some dick sliding up his butt, little did he know how big he was going to take! "Le Marseillais" fucks him good and he's just shot his load that he's already thinking about his next victim. He sits in a warehouse, knowing that the huge knob between his legs is like a magnet for bottoms. He'll soon get another mouth and hole to fuck! The serial-fucker is kept busy. His horse-cock must be fed constantly. Those who dare challenging him end up being sore for days after!

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"Le Marseillais" is hungry for ass and tonight it's J.Bineau's time to service the stud! The boss arrives in his flat and wastes no time: he unwraps his big schlong to stuff it in J's face. He tells him what to do and how to do it with his deep dominant voice. He is turning him into his own private little bitch. He takes his mouth and his hot little ass...then it's a facial for the obedient boy!


Con : J BineauLe Marseillais In : Cazzo grandeMade in FranceFree TrailerFeatured videoArabi gayMaroccani gayGiovanniAlgerini gayEntro Arabi gayTop videosCitebeur DVD: Ici c'est Marseille Tempo : 20'