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Brian sees a young dude looking for a shower in the corridor of his hotel. All the showers are out of service at the moment but he's got his own shower in his room and invites the boy to use it. He can't help checking out the beautiful young male in his bathroom... His ass and cock look so juicy!


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John Despe and Jessy Dog are at Heaven, a gay bar in Montpellier. John knows the Arab gogo who is pole dancing on the stage. He tells his friend, Jessy Dog, that he has already fucked the young hottie in the restroom of another bar. So, John makes a suggestion: that the two of them fuck young Amir. Jessy is pretty reluctant because he is not really into guys' asses. But soon, he caves in. Amir is getting pounded hard by em


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Malik TN takes his hunk of a friend, Emilio Segura, to an abandoned building. Emilo lowers Malik's pants only to find out his monster cock. Emilo is really hungry: he swallows Malik's dick right away before deep throating him. Then, Malik drags him on the ground to pound him hard. In a graffiti-covered building, Malik is excited to a fault, as evidenced by the sperm shower, at the end.


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Last time I was in Paris, I met with a straight dude, who wanted to try and get blown by a guy ' and maybe fuck him. So, I decided to film his first gay experience and let me tell you something: that was some hot sex session! As soon as he walks into the room, the straight hottie pops out his dick in front of an Arab cutie, who is waiting for him on the couch. His straight dick soon becomes harder in the mouth of this hungry slut. He had been wanting to get blown by a guy for so long⦠And it shows⦠He exults in the skilled blow-job he is getting⦠He enjoys it so much that he even goes as far clutching his hands on the hungry bottom's head to fuck his mouth nice and good, making him gag on his hard cut dick. Our submissive bottom enjoys it. He takes great pleasure in taking care of a hot straight dude: he loves showing them that there is no one better skilled at a blowjob than a guy! The straight hunk moans louder and louder. I think he got the message⦠The hot bottom soon finds himself on his back, his legs in the air, his sweet hole ready to welcome his men-of-the-afternoon's dick. The straight hunk starts fingering his hole, licks it once or twice but he does look comfortable with it⦠It is one thing getting his dick serviced by some guy, but fucking a man up his ass, it's a step he is not ready to take yet⦠Maybe next time⦠However, for his first gay experience, I am surprised to see him willing to get a facial cum-shot. The submissive bottom shoots an impressive load of hot spunk on his manly face and the straight hottie enjoys it⦠What do you think? He has made up for the no ass-fucking? Do you think he is ready to have sex with other dudes? Is he in or out?


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Dylan walks past a young Arab guy at a sex club in Lille, 'Le Cube'. Raphael, the Arab hottie, follows Dylan into the restroom to check out his dick. Since he is already hard, Dylan gets his dick sucked before spreading Raph's butt cheeks and sliding his dick in. Then, he literally breaks his ass. Raphael loves the way Dylan energetically thrusts his dick in and out. He loves it so much that he comes all over himself quite rapidly. But Raphael keeps going for at least 5 more minutes. Finally, he shoots his load on Raphael's face. A nice facial cum shot ;)


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